A born and raised New Yorker, Rachael Lieberman studied Graphic Design with a minor in Advertising and a concentration in Photography at Boston's Northeastern University. Upon returning to New York following graduation, she immediately launched a career in entertainment that first saw her casting models and arranging still life shoots at Teen People, which then segued to producing special shoots for annual issues like "Reunions" at Entertainment Weekly, followed by a move to Los Angeles to create gallery, unit and key art for NBC. A return to the East Coast in early 2014 saw her generating similar content for AMC that was widely viewed on social media. Now, back in La La Land, her passion for the world of pop culture and creative art production continues to thrive. She's been told she has the ability to elevate the energy in the room with her enthusiasm, collaboration and laughter. She's a problem solver who loves a challenge and considers herself to be a spirited, agile leader. She loves creating new relationships, but is fiercely loyal and continues to maintain many of the ones she formed years ago. This key characteristic makes her quite effective at leveraging resources to increase productivity without compromising the integrity of the work. 

In addition to these professional qualities, twelve years ago Rachael made it her mission to fundraise and create awareness for (and about) Multiple Sclerosis, raising over $100K in the years since. 

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